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State of the Church - June 2016

This past year has been a challenge for the church and the congregation.  In 2015 our pastor retired unexpectedly due to a family illness and for about six months we had different pastors who rotated into the church every week or two. However, this congregation is resilient, cheerful, hospitable, community oriented, supportive, willing to change and most of all willing to lead as well as follow.  Our Lay Leaders stepped up to the challenges and provide assistance to incoming rotational pastors as well as providing wonderful, inspiring services during that time.  The congregation remained loyal to God and the church and supported these Lay Leaders


All of the various teams and committees worked to make sure we were meeting the needs of the congregation.  However, I would be fibbing if I didn’t say that we were excited at the prospect of finally having our very own Pastor again.  Pastor Jonathan Combs, came to us with love in his heart and an inspiring joy to be one of the sheep that he leads.  He has many terrific ideas on how to make our church stronger. He will be starting a summer Bible Study program in June and is working with the choir director to bring in some new and perhaps different musical programs during the summer months.

We are looking forward to the new look of our church!!


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